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Behind the Shot: Glacier Bighorn

David Choi

This is among the most memorable shots I’ve taken, but it was an unplanned moment.  I was originally hoping to catch the sunrise over the Rocky Mountains in Glacier National Park.  I woke my friend up at 4 AM, and we set out into the unknown.  It was still dark as night, the fog made visibility terrible, and we had no idea where our destination would be.

As the sun rose, the fog lingered.  We couldn’t find a good place to catch the sunrise.  After making the best of what was a bad day for photography, we disappointedly set back down the Going-to-the-Sun Road, back to camp where our other friends were hopefully up and making breakfast. 

Then we saw them.  A family of bighorn sheep taking a peaceful morning stroll in their backyard.  It was an awe-inspiring and sacred encounter.  We parked on the side and quietly got out, being careful to respect their space.  I then took as many shots as I could while trying to enjoy the moment at the same time.  I like this one because it looks like the sheep is proudly posing in front of its majestic home. 

Perhaps some of the best things in life are spontaneous. 


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